Most children have happy childhoods. Full of playtime, laughter, and friends. Most children aren’t taught how to be the perfect spy. Or the perfect soldier. Most children aren’t raised to become a Death Eater. But Aurora Altair isn’t most children.

Aurora (Rory) Altair
6th year
Patronus: Raven
Boggart: Dark Mark

The Altairs are an ancient pureblood family. They can trace their ancestry back through centuries of pureblood witches and wizards. But that’s not what they’re proud of. The Altairs are said to be the original metamorphmagi. The family’s sole goal is to keep the gene pure. To them, a non-metamorphmagus child is just as bad as producing a squib. Their desire has led to continuous interbreeding, keeping marriages within the family to increase the chance of passing down the gene. They succeeded in their goal, generations of metamorphmagi, but as the one gene remained pure, others started to corrupt. With incest they say it’s like flipping a coin; heads you’re brilliant, tails you’re insane.

For Hyperion and Selene Altair, first cousins as well as husband and wife, the coin landed on tails. Slytherins recruited as Death Eaters early on, they never truly believed that the Dark Lord had fallen. They were both his faithful servants, prized for their talents as spies. The two metamorphmagi could imitate anyone, successfully finding their way into the most high security locations. When they had a daughter, they trained her to follow in their footsteps, sure that one day the Dark Lord would return and require their service again.

They named their daughter Aurora, after the Roman Goddess of the Dawn. They believed that she would help bring about the dawn of a new Wizarding age, one ruled by the Dark Lord.

By the slimmest of chances, Aurora got the right genes, and was quite sane. And from an early age, she knew that her parents were not. They kept her secluded on the family manor, beginning to train her in controlling her metamorphmagus abilities before she could even walk. They taught her how to copy a person exactly, disappear into the shadows, be invisible in the middle of a crowd.

Aurora’s favorite time was when her parents would send her on training missions, or excursions into the muggle world. Blending in with the filth, they called it. For a day she would become someone else, live a different life out amongst the normal people. She connected more with the muggles than she ever had with her parents. She made friends with other children. She laughed and played, things she was never able to do in that dark, empty manor. But it was still a lie.

At age eleven, the Altairs put Aurora on the train to Hogwarts. She spent the train ride in a compartment with other pureblood children whose parents’ had also been Death Eaters. They accepted her because of her blood. She ignored them. Her only friends had been muggle children, and she hadn’t been Aurora when she’d met them. Now, the young girl found that she had no way to relate to other wizarding children. Especially ones like these. They spoke like they were better than everyone else. She thought the complete opposite.

She was one of the first to be sorted, drawing whispers and attention because she was the only first year who was not at all nervous. When the hat went over her head, she whispered, “Send me some place where I can escape.”

Some place far away from her parents and their insane dreams. Some place that didn’t lead to masked men and their dark lord. Some place she didn’t have to lie. Some place it was ok to laugh and play. Some place where the dawn didn’t bring darkness.

As she took her seat at the Gryffindor table, she introduced herself as Rory. Aurora was born to be a Death Eater, maybe Rory could find a different fate.